Candy Canes are White and Red

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As we get into the real boom of the holiday season, I realize that sometimes not all of us feel so merry. For some, all this muss and hustle ratchet up persistent gremlins like unfounded anxiety (that’s mine), depression, worry, guilt, loneliness or fear. For those trapped in that daily wrestling match (and I see you there), the Kohl’s commercial and the latched-arm strolling down cozy sidewalks can be simply too much to take, and so I’d like to offer a little help. If it gets to be too much, just keep these tidbits in the back of your mind…

When panic runs blue, remember red.

Red, then white, then red again.

Just quiet calm, clean white and red.

Candy cane steady, white and red.


When black surrounds you, see some white,

Fluffy white and sugar light.

A tiny marshmallow, soft and white.

All it knows is sweet and light.


When memories make the hurting keen,

Find some green. Simple green.

Grass is green. Trees are green.

Soothe your soul and look at green.


When isolation flattens you,

Remember someone else hurts too.

You and she; he and you.

Now you aren’t just one, but two.

Remember, they are there with you.

Loneliness cannot best you when

A tribe, your tribe, is feeling you.

Think out; perhaps you’ll feel them too.

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