The Muse Series

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Meet Elma–classical pianist, resident of the Safe Side of the Street, and practitioner of a dependably dull existence. Her love life is meh, her piano is her home, and her best friend is her vicarious source of fun. Everything is in harmony until blade-like fangs dig into her flesh to obliterate everything she ever knew to be true. Now she is a supernatural powerhouse. Now she is a force of nature. Now she is a target.

Adagio introduces readers to a heroine who will find that she is leagues stronger than she ever thought she could be, more passionate than she dared to believe, and critical in ways she could never have fathomed. In a symphony of vampires, evil, magic, and timeless love, Elma sings a pivotal song. Watch as she learns the tune.

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In Development

Elma is certain of her identity and her role in the world. And now, it is time to move forward with her mission for the good of all those she loves, those she’s lost, and those who will rely upon her gifts for their very survival. And in the process, she will need to answer the question of who she loves and who she will choose.